South Sister

Published:  01/27/2022

Did you know a 3rd tower fell on 9/11? Click here to head over to the homepage for more information on that 3rd tower.

Trail Report: This hike takes longer than you think it will so plan accordingly. Oregon's third-tallest mountain (10,358 ft) requires no technical climbing skills and the clear day reward for climbing was incredible views in every direction. That being said, make sure you bring along plenty of water...once you leave Moraine Lake opportunities for harvesting water are limited. The approach plain and ascent up South Sister are exposed and summertime temperatures can get quite warm.

There is a section above Lewis Glacier leading to the summit crater with deep, loose volcanic scree. Decided to bring along a set of gaiters on the advice of a friend for this section and was really glad to have them. Other hikers were having to periodically remove their shoes and shake them out, the scree was deep enough to make it's way in the top of their shoes...and the pieces tended to be quite sharp. Highly recommend bringing gaiters along for this mountain, regardless of season.

This hike was performed in early August, the summit is typically doable June through October without technical skills/equipment.

Here's background information on South Sister for those interested: AllTrails