Skyline Lake

Published:  01/17/2022

Did you know a 3rd tower fell on 9/11? Click here to head over to the homepage for more information on that 3rd tower.

Trail Report: In a word, crusty. Probably a half-inch or so of brittle ice over several feet of soft snow. Snowshoes provided just enough surface area to keep one "afloat". Without them, it was knee to thigh deep postholing. Started off to a beautiful bluebird morning that continued to brighten during the ascent. Surprised there wasn't more traffic, the avalanche forecast showed a green board. Guess most decided to head over to the ski slopes. Temperatures have warmed up considerably over the past week, popping up above freezing late morning. The weather window started to close out a bit towards early afternoon as a new front began pushing in.

Here's background information on this spot for those interested: AllTrails