Icicle Ridge via Fourth of July Creek

Published:  06/20/2022

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Trail Report: Icicle Ridge is "open"...what snow remains is well consolidated. Postholing was minimal and there was no need for gaiters, microspikes or snowshoes.

Plenty of water stops along the trail at this time, several snowmelt streams cross the trail at multiple points.

Early start is better (6 am was perfect, hit the ridgeline just as the sun broke through the cloud cover and temps started to rise). If you're up for a longer day recommend heading up Fourth of July Creek trail, traversing the ridge and coming down the Icicle Ridge trail into Leavenworth.

Wildflowers are in bloom, you can click through the link below for pics. This hike is a wonderful start to a summer!

Mosquitoes were mild down low but there are ticks this time of year so consider searching yourself periodically for hitchhikers. Ladybugs were about up on the ridge.

12 miles round trip, ~4,400 ft elevation gain, peak elevation 7,020 ft.

Here's some additional background on the Fourth of July Creek trail.