Alpine Lookout

Published:  06/13/2022

Did you know a 3rd tower fell on 9/11? Click here to head over to the Architects & Engineers page for more information on that 3rd tower.

Trail Report: Trail is open all the way to Alpine Lookout.

Snow starts just past the clear cut and is intermittent until just after Round Mountain. Some of the snowbank angles were steep where the trail was covered in this section, found hiking poles with snow baskets extremely useful for maintaining balance here. Most of the ridgeline is under consistently deep, consolidated snow - postholing was minimal and rarely went beyond ankle deep when it did occur. The ascent had the feel of walking on a beach in soft sand. Up on the ridge it was firm.

Bottom line? Boots alone and hiking poles did the trick for this hike (microspikes/snowshoes were not needed). If you are going all the way to the lookout recommend heading up early or doing this as an overnighter.

Several bear sightings heading up to the ridge (mother and cub). Had a visitor at the campsite (near the lookout) around 2 am as well.

Mosquitoes are nasty from the trailhead through the clear cut then they dissipate for the most part. No bugs up on the ridge.

10.1 miles round trip, ~3,000 ft elevation gain, lookout elevation 6,235 ft.

Here's some additional background on Alpine Lookout.